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Mike Culver

Managing Partner

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As a “student of retail” for over 25 years, Mike has successfully grown and managed consumer businesses (Logitech, iRobot, Libratone, Acer) from $0 to over $1B by successfully developing products consumers want, creating demand with measurable results, and executing innovative go-to-market strategies in the ever-changing world of retail and online channels.   Much of Mike’s experience is launching products and building businesses using direct marketing and selling strategies that include Amazon as well as e-commerce websites and other online channels. 

Mike has experience selling and marketing on Amazon for over 15 years and has seen Amazon change from a traditional buyer-seller relationship to more of a self-managed marketplace where the seller must manage their listing, generate their own demand/awareness, and manage inventory.  This requires multi-functional expertise and a lot of detailed work to maximize success.  Mike co-founded The OM Partnership to help companies maximize their business on Amazon and beyond.


Andrew Cain

Partner & Digital Marketing Expert

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As an entrepreneur and Millennial, Andrew grew up in the digital age of online sales and marketing.  He successfully co-founded Velocity Clip and built the business through innovative online marketing strategies and sales through Amazon and  Andrew also helped many inventors and startups effectively launch their products using clever digital marketing tactics, including Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Amazon Marketing, and crowd-funding sites.  

Andrew is a digital marketing expert and has developed and managed innovative marketing programs that efficiently drove millions of consumers each year to Amazon and company websites.  His expertise includes Amazon search optimization, successfully launching and scaling Amazon Marketing campaigns that deliver efficient ROI’s and achieving some of the most effective YouTube video results Google had ever measured.  Andrew co-founded The OM Partnership to help companies maximize their demand on Amazon and beyond.


Mike Kroll

Operations, Business Analysis & Product Management Expert 

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Mike is a product management and operations expert who has helped many companies—large and small—identify the best market opportunities, effectively positioned them and executed plans that brought them to reality.  He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to projects given his years of experience at Acer, Logitech and many technology startups.  Mike has significant experience in product marketing, product management, sourcing and 3PL management, Amazon operational requirements, AMS analysis, and Amazon business analysis. 


Hailey Conley

Amazon Content & Product Page Expert

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Hailey is our Amazon content and product page expert.  Her skills include writing compelling content, graphic design, image enhancement and optimization for Amazon, basic HTML, and the art and science of Twistering on Amazon.  Hailey is a master at building and launching optimal Amazon product pages, A+/Enhanced Brand content, A++ Premium content, and brand stores.  Hailey also has the patience, expertise and persistence required to implement and maintain these pages on Amazon after learning many tricks over the years to get Amazon to implement her product pages, Twister them per her designs, and get any problems that arise afterwards quickly resolved.

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